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Citroxx Bio™ environmentally friendly non toxic disinfectant.

Naturally derived and environmentally friendly, Citroxx™ has been developed and researched over a number of years and has been approved to decontaminate fresh produce (used by suppliers to many of the world’s leading supermarkets), in animal feed to control the onset of various pathogens such as Newcastle’s Disease (a virulent Avian virus), and in medical disinfection to kill organisms such as MRSA, C. diff, VRE, Norovirus E Coli, VRE, Human Rhinovirus and many more. Recently, Citroxx was found to be highly effective (ie killing over 99.998%) against H5N1 virus and SARS.

Cap Air Systems Suppliers of Environmentally friendly cleaning products and disinfectant

Water Sterilisation Solution from Citroxx Bio

For the effective control of germs and viruses, Citroxx Bio Water and System Steriliser couldn’t be easier to use. Add a measure of the the solution to your water system after each period of storage to sterilise tanks and containers. Citroxx Bio is DEFRA approved, and is used by major supermarkets and food suppliers as an environmentally friendly alternative to chlorine. The active ingredients are bioflavonoids extracted from the pith of certain oranges mixed with fruit acids to potentiate the anti microbial properties.

Citroxx Bio Water Sterilisation Solution is biodegradeable, environmentally friendly, non-toxic to humans and kills bacteria, fungi and viruses to 99.9998% effectiveness.

Available in
1 litre bottles to sterilise up to 40 litres of water.
2.5 litre bottles to sterilise up to 100 litres of water.
20 litre Containers to sterilise up to 800 litres of water.

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