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Dog/Cat Waste & Nappy Sacks - 50

EzyGreen - Independent Wikaniko Distributor


Almost 1000 tonnes of dog poo is produced in Britain DAILY – and that’s a truly staggering figure. This may be why more and more responsible dog owners are using some kind of plastic bag to pick up dog poo. However, the sheer volume of dog poo means that we are simply transferring the problem into a mountain of polythene bags in landfill sites, where the excrement is trapped in a plastic bag, and can’t actually break down naturally!

By switching to a biodegradable polythene dog poo bag, not only are you taking care of your dog waste but you are saving the environment still further as the polythene degrades much faster. 100% degradable 100% compostable Totally degrades in landfill sites. 50 bags on a roll. Size 17.8cm x 29.5cm x 36.5cm

By buying the biodegradable poop scoop bag you are taking a small but significant step in reducing polythene waste.

These are also ideal for clearing the waste from your litter trays and for use as nappy sacks!

Roll of: 50

Price Ā£2.98

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