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ReManufacture of Various ship components



SpiralWeld® deliver services which offer a more sustainable approach to the marine industry. This approach is through ReManufacturing boat components.

Through ReManufacturing we are able to recover components such as Propeller shafts, stern seals, rudderstocks, stock stabilisers and gear shafts. The processes we use have a lesser impact on the environment than sourcing new components from the original manufacturer. These processes can use:

- 85% less energy
- 86% less water
- 85% less material

For examples of works we have completed, we have uploaded a case study to our website which can be found through the following link:



  • ReManufacturing
  • Recovery of Propeller shafts
  • Recovery of Rudder stocks
  • Recovery of Stern seals
  • Recovery of Stock stabilisers
  • Recovery of Gear shafts
  • up to 80% cheaper than purchasing new components

Price Depends on works needed

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