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Vistal Multi Surface Boat Cleaner

Vistal Cleaning Products

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Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner is a unique boat cleaning product which gets great results all around your boat yet is completely natural and eco friendly. It easily removes oxidisation, yellowing, waterline stains, rust and exhaust stains, lichen spots and algae without scratching. It brings back the shine to GRP and restores its colour.

Use it to clean all surfaces above the water line – GRP, stainless fixtures and fittings, timber, fenders, plexiglass. You can use it inside the boat too for sinks, hotplates etc. It can even be used to remove marks from white sails and sail covers. Fantastic on fenders and rib tubes too.

It contains natural glycerine so water just beads off. One popular use is for plexiglass windows – sea water just runs off so salt doesn’t stick so easily and they are therefore easier to keep clean. The handy sponges help to get into difficult to reach places such as the troughs of non-slip decks.

Just wet the sponge provided, wipe across the surface of Vistal Hard Surface Cleaner, squeeze to make a lather, then clean. Rinse off or just wipe off with a damp or dry cloth and leave to dry.

It is safe for children, pets and the marine environment. It contains no chemicals so it is safe for allergy sufferers.

Not suitable for oiled or waxed surfaces or dark fabrics where it may leave a white residue in deep pockets of the fabric. May slightly dull the surface of some softer painted surfaces. We recommend trying a small non-visible area first.


  • "One pot does the lot" - A 500g tub is enough to clean all of a 10m boat from the waterline up
  • Removes stubborn dirt, marks and stains all around your boat
  • Use it for gelcoat, stainless steel fittings, plexiglass, vinyl / leather upholstery, painted surfaces, rib tubes and fenders
  • Leaves a protective coat of glycerine - water just beads off
  • Handy sponge gets into corners and troughs of non-slip areas
  • Fully biodegradable. Contains no phosphates, toxins, acids or animal fats
  • Safe for children, pets and the marine environment
  • "It's the best I've ever used to clean the boat (Hunter Channel 31 Yacht)" - Fred Bishop.

Price £18.95, £22.95 and £64.95 incl. VAT (free UK delivery)

Weight (packaged) 500g, 800g and 4kg

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