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Voller Energy APU Marine Generator

Voller Energy


Voller Energy Group PLC, the alternative power provider, has announced that it is on track to launch one of the most exciting and environmentally friendly energy systems for commercial use by the end of 2007. The 1kW fuel cell system aims to replace commonly used diesel generators and will cut emissions by an estimated sixty times.
As well as operating quietly with very low emissions, the fuel cell system is highly efficient. Furthermore the system has the advantage of working from widely available fuels, such as Calor Gas, propane or liquefied petroleum gas.

In addition, the fuel cell would have to run for approximately 200 years to produce the same sulphur emissions or smells as a regular diesel generator would produce in one day.

With the environment at the forefront of mariners’ problems, this unique fuel cell system is the only known product of its kind to available in the UK markets.

Additional benefits of the fuel cell system over a conventional diesel generator are the weight saving and the reduced levels of servicing and maintenance. A diesel generator requires ongoing servicing and maintenance much, as a car engine does. Typically, this may mean an oil change after 150 hours of use. Initial estimates are that the fuel cell system will be maintenance free for 1,000 hours of use.

Voller Energy Group PLC
Rawdon House
Bond Close
Kingsland Business Park
Basingstoke, Hampshire
RG24 8PZ
United Kingdom
Tel : +44 (0)1256 813900

About Voller Energy:
Voller Energy Group PLC (LSE: VLR) is one of the first companies in the world from which you can buy fuel cell systems. Voller is a developer and manufacturer of portable fuel cell systems that produce the electrical energy you need but without the toxic emissions that contribute towards global warming and climate change. Founded in 2002, Voller Energy has built considerable expertise in fuel cell systems technology for use as battery chargers and mobile generators.
Voller Energy recently announced the fourth generation of their VE100 fuel cell product line the Fuel Cell ABC. The Fuel Cell ABC is a portable generator and battery charger that has a plug on the front just like the plug in the wall, but produces no toxic emissions when operating, in fact the only output is pure water.
Portable Fuel Cells
Voller Energy Portable Fuel Cells provide clean, safe, reliable electric power for virtually unlimited applications. Using patented Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) advanced Fuel Cell technology to power the fuel cells, Voller Energy products offer an environmentally friendly alternative to diesel or gasoline electric generators or Gen-Sets. Ideal for construction, leisure and military applications such as Future Soldier Technology.

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