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Fuel treatment

Products designed to help you prevent or clean up oil and fuel spills on your boat or at your club/marina. Fuel treatments which make your engine run more efficiently and servicing products are are also listed here.

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    Salt-Away Kills salt, pure and simple. Visit www.salt-away.co.uk, follow us on twitter @salt-awayuk or on facebook Salt-away or call 0800 1712271

    Price : 6.00

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    Fuel Set

    Liquid Engineering UK Ltd.

    Fuel Set is a complete fuel conditioner providing comprehensive protection of the fuel system, which in turn reduces running and maintenace costs.

    Price : from £10.38 RRP

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    Dipetane Fuel Treatment - 5 Litre

    Green East

    Dipetane fuel saver, diesel treatment for trucks, boats, buses and heating oil.

    Price : 27.99

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    Fuel Doctor

    Expresslube Ltd

    Fuel Doctor's state of the art formulation converts free water and microbial growth to microscopic particles. These particles are dispersed evenly throughout the fuel and harmlessly processed through combustion to exhaust. The complete fuel additive, maximum power, achieve optimum fuel economy and prevent fuel system contamination. Cleans injectors & carburettors, Eradicates bacteria & fungal growth, disperses moisture, dissolves gum & varnishes. FORMULATED FOR ALL FUELS...

    Price : Four sizes: 250mls - £18.95 treats upt o 2000ltrs; 1ltr - £33.85 treats up to 4,000ltrs; 5ltr - £163.89 treats up to 20,000ltrs; 25ltr - £686.02 treats up to 100,000ltrs

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    Soltron fuel additive

    Mainline Solutions

    Enzyme based fuel additive. Effective in all internal combustion engines, oil fired heating and cooking ranges. Cleans fuel filters and injectors, kills the 'diesel bug', reduces emissions and removes water during the combustion process.

    Price : Three sizes: 125ml RRP £10.00 treats 625 litres; 500ml RRP £33.00 treats 2,500 litres and 1 litre RRP £59.00 treats 5,000 litres

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