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Fuel and Oil Containers

Products designed to help you prevent or clean up oil and fuel spills on your boat or at your club/marina. Fuel treatments which make your engine run more efficiently and servicing products are are also listed here.

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  • 809853



    Salt-Away Kills salt, pure and simple. Visit www.salt-away.co.uk, follow us on twitter @salt-awayuk or on facebook Salt-away or call 0800 1712271

    Price : 6.00

  • 709305

    Eurotank Environmental Pump Cleaner

    Eurotank Environmental

    Creates a unique hydrocarbon release agent. The most difficult soils such as dust laden oils, fuels and lubricants will be lifted and rinsed away without damaging or reacting with the cleaning surface.

    Price : £8.95 + vat for 1 litre, £29.95 + vat for 5 litres

  • 592582



    Easy-fill doesn't spill! Fill your tank without spilling a drop.

    Price : £9.99 spout & can, £4.99 spout only,

  • 53045

    Flo-Control Fuel Can

    Flo Control (GB)

    The only fuel can in the world that totally controls the flow, from trickle to emptying 5 litres in just 15 seconds, without spillage or over filling. With an intergrated spout that you cannot lose, and a spout cap to keep dust and dirt out, this is the fuel can for the 21st century. Avoid spillage and pollution, and reduce emissions, The Flo-Control Fuel Can is easy to use, simple push...

    Price : £24.99 + p&p

  • 52681

    Water Soaker

    Kernow Oils

    Problem with water in your fuel tank? The water soaker is a low cost, low mess (and risk of external contamination) preventative measure and solution to the common problem of water contaminated Oil & Fuel.

    Price : 4.4cm x30cm (absorb 0.269l litres each)

  • 565609

    LPG fuel conversion system & parts

    Hamble Marine Ltd

    Your (petrol engined) boat can probably be converted to run on low-cost, environmentally-friendly LPG (Marine gas) fuel. Hamble Marine Ltd offers a full range of kits and parts. Installation will be arranged through our network of Registered Installers....

    Price : £3000+

  • 27081


    Kernow Oils

    The Kernowlube BD range is recommended as a replacement for mineral hydraulic oils, particularly where spillage or loss in plant and equipment used near to, or for the construction of waterways and reservoirs.

    Price : £563.75 + VAT

  • 17271

    Metal Jerry Container nozzle

    Safety Fill Limited

    Comes complete with metal spout, fitting all standard metal jerry containers of 5 to 25 litres. Attach to your can and use!...

    Price : £ 24.99 including delivery

  • 17256

    Plastic Fuel Container nozzle

    Safety Fill Limited

    Fits most standard european plastic portable fuel containers from 5 to 25 litres. Simply screw it on and use!...

    Price : £ 11.99

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