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About Sailing Networks

Social and Business Networking for the Sailing Community and Marine Industry

Boating Networks Ltd is a UK based internet publishing company. We develop and publish a number of web sites and internet based services for individuals and companies involved in sailing and boating worldwide.

We provide services for:

  • Individuals: Free Weblog, to keep records of and manage their sailing careers/experiences using an on-line logbook, keep track of friends and crew-mates, maintain a diary of events and a log of sailing experience including boats sailed and qualifications achieved
  • Skippers / Boat Owners: to manage the running of a vessel throughout the season from checklists for winterisation, 'to do' lists for maintenance work, to crew lists for cruising plans and/or racing campaign management
  • Clubs and Classes: to help manage their membership and communicate with their members, including an on-line event calendaring service...

Our objectives are:

  1. to provide a range of easy to use and useful services to help users manager their marine leisure and business activities;
  2. to create a safe on-line environment through which sailing and boating enthusiasts of all ages can communicate and share their enjoyment of sailing and other waterborne sports;
  3. to promote the sport and encourage more people of all ages to participate in the full range of waterborne activities;
  4. to spread awareness of the importance of protecting the environment by using safer products, avoiding destructive activities and promoting sustainable development of the coastline and inland waterways.

Environmental / Ethical Statement

Encouraging Sustainable Use of Natural Resources and Reducing Our Impact on the Environment

Sailing Network's passion for sailing goes well beyond pure enjoyment of the sport. Sailing Networks is dedicated to responsible sailing and respect for the environment and, far from being an abstract ideal for us, this shapes all our major decisions.

As a growing on - line community we have a collective conscience and the opportunity to make a difference. We aim for more enjoyment, less damage.

Enjoyment of sailing depends on a high quality water environment which can only be maintained and protected by the collective effort of sailors and the marine industry. Our aim is to raise awareness of environmental issues affecting the recreational boating community, to promote sustainable use of coastal and inland waters and to inform our members of the various opportunities to reduce or avoid the environmental impacts of sailing. Among the prime areas for concern are:

  • Effects on wildlife - disturbance, pollution, noise, anchoring effects etc
  • Anti-fouling and marine paints
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Waste
  • Product disposal

What do we do?

  • Forge partnerships with organisations researching environmental impact and pass on relevant information to our members as it arises.
  • Raise awareness of how members can purchase, maintain and use their boats and equipment in an environmentally sensitive/responsible manner.
  • Encourage the design and production of environmentally friendly products and facilities
  • Promote innovation and good practice
  • Bring to members attention requests by marine and environmental charities for volunteers to help with surveys.
  • Promote suppliers of products which are deemed to be environmentally friendly.
  • Accept advertisements only from companies we consider to conform to our ideals.

We believe that a business has a responsibility to protect the environment in which it operates. Our Environmental / Ethical policy extends to:

  • Suppliers - We consider suppliers environmental status and performance before selection.
  • Products we use - We search for environmentally considerate/ green/recycled products where ever possible.
  • Our Staff benefits and our working environment - Again, ethical and environmentally sensitive choices are made where ever possible.
  • Sale of products - We consider a product's environmental impact - as far as possible we look at what they are made from, where they are made and the environmental policy of the supplier.
  • Sailing Networks is a member of SIEnA (Southern Industry and Environment Association)

We welcome our members input, feedback, questions on these matters.


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Boating Networks Ltd
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